House of the RedTails Studio/Gallery
Risa Waldt, Artist

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House of the RedTails Studio/Gallery
Risa Waldt, Artist
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RedTailed Hawks circled and swooped  as the roof went up over my home on the west slope of the Catalina Mountains, telling me it was okay to build here.  Hawks are messengers....  I honor them by calling my home THE HOUSE OF THE REDTAILS. My home was to be more than a home, but I didn't know what yet.  The adobe walls held my paintings the same way the Canyons held my spirit.  The House of the RedTails became my gallery.  

Born in Arizona, I grew up in the light and color that comes through my paintings.  I am captivated by it.  In my 40+ years of painting watercolor and pallet knife oil, Plein Aire is my favorite venue.  I have many color/composition drawings to turn into paintings as my studio work.  I hold steady, answering the call of my soul to persevere, sharing my gifts and talents. 

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July by Risa Waldt
Oil Painting
My Edge by Risa Waldt
Watercolor Painting
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