Risa Waldt has written over fifteen stories.  Here is a list:

  • A Story of Bening
  • Grand Canyon... A River Trip
  • A Ceremony of Life... Women's Life Changes
  • Faith, A Painting... Similarities and Differences in Religion
  • Our Buzzards... Communication, Knowledge and Honor
  • When Hummingbirds Leave The Nest
  • Spirit Bears... Couple Relationships
  • Frog Princess Series
  • Winter Passing The Feather To Fall... Season Changes
  • Rainbow Hands The Feather To Fall... Season Changes
  • Sheet Houses
  • This Old Saddle
  • My St. Philips
  • Nobody Knows Me
  • Snowhorse
  • A Horse's Story

Currently Waldt has for sale the book "Grand Canyon... A River Trip".  You can purchase a custom hard cover book or a spiral bound book.    

Spiral Black and White Storybook $30.00

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