Murals Anywhere
Large interior wall located in the Parents without partners club house 10' x 45'
Murals Anywhere by Risa Waldt

I offer murals worldwide for the enhancement of your property and spirit! I have painted murals on a large and small scale from all types of interiors and exteriors. Tell me your ideas and let me bring them to life, or I can design the Mural.  With your approval of my ideas the work begins!  Details as small as a hummingbird fluttering to huge trees covering large walls and faulted ceilings.  

One of my murals called me to stand on the top step of an extension ladder.  With my brush taped to the end of a long pole…. paint can on a shelf partway up the entryway….  I painted a huge palm tree, leaves expanding across the ceiling. I would stretch to let my brushpole dip into the paint then back to the area where I applied it.

Under 30 square feet murals priced individually.
Over 30 square feet = $10.00 a square foot

I furnish the supplies or will incorporate yours.  Travel, lodging and some meals my be required if mural is out of the Tucson area.

I look forward to working with you to create the mural you have always dreamed of.  Bringing you satisfaction, enjoyment and true pleasure as you see your vision coming to life.  Embelish your life with art let your soul soar.

Painted Walls to match an already painted hutch.
Risa painting Bougainvillea vine on exterior garden wall
Exterior fence pillar with hummingbird and flowers
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