Paintings Photo Gallery
Collin's Hopi Overlook
40" x 60"
Gods Candle #1, Peppersauce Canyon, Water Color
Five Finches, Watercolor
Land and Thunderheads, 
Watercolor, 25" x 38"
Sweet Saguaros 2
"Look" Series, 
Acrylic 22" x 22" unframed
Dodge Canyon
Watercolor 12" x 16"
Gods Candle #2, Peppersauce Canyon, Water Color
Peppersauce Canyon Series Fall
Watercolor, 20" x 29" Framed
Peppersauce Canyon Series Fall #2
Watercolor, 20" x 20"
Picacho Peak, Ship of the Desert
Watercolor, 37" x 12"
Spring at Pusch Ridge
Snow on Peppersauce Canyon
Watercolor, 8" x 20"
Spring Comin' in to Peppersauce Canyon
Watercolor, 21" x 17"
Fall Light Peppersauce
Watercolor, 33" x 26"
Sedona Light
Watercolor 18" x 21"
Point Imperial, North Rim
Bright Angel Trail, North Rim
Flight, Grand Canyon
Blue Prickly Pear
Enhanced Giclee'
The Colorado River enters the Grand Canyon
Blooming Palo Verde
Choeps, South Rim Grand Canyon
Spring North Rim Morning
Morning of Spring
On The Edge, Grand Canyon
Snow on St. Phillips
True Love, Sedona
North Rim Grand Canyon Morning
Doc's Place
Pusch Ridge Poppies
Picture Rocks
Spirit of the Monsoons
End of Edwin
Navajo Point
I Still Believe
Subtle and Glorious 
South Rim, Grand Canyon
Rain on Finger Rock
Headin' Home
Ocotillo Series
Red Prickly Pear
Pictured is Framed Giclee"
Telaquepague, Sedona
Catalina's  - Tryptic
Moment of Terror
Grand Canyon Tree
Hopi Overlook
South Rim, Grand Canyon
Colorado River S
Grand Canyon
West - Watercolor
At  Dusk - Sedona 
Oil Painting 
36" x 36"
Swifts - North Rim 
22" x 30"
Windmill By The Owl Heads
Tucson Courthouse
San Xavier Mission
Oracle Union Church
Old Locomotive
Night Dancer
Gamble Quail
Dodge Cattle Tank
Cheops Lit

Oil Painting
Fall Aspen North Rim

Oil Painting
Fall North Rim Grand Canyon #1

Water Color Painting
Fall North Rim Grand Canyon #2

Water Color Painting
Golf Of Mexico

Water Color Painting

Oil Painting
My Edge

Water Color Painting
Sundown at Dodge Water Tank
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